Perinatal Hub services

One of our priorities is to provide you with a compassionate and non-judgemental community hub service. Our hubs will:
  • Be led by a trained and compassionate leader
  • Give you a safe place to discuss your health and well-being needs
  • Allow you the opportunity to co-produce the resources that will help improve your health condition and well-being needs
  • Be a place where you can foster friendships with people similar to you.
  • Be a place where you will become more educated about your health conditions and supported to meet your own goals.
This will help you arrive at your own solutions or next steps to your circumstances. What you share will be treated as confidential, however if someone is at risk or in danger we cannot promise confidentiality. Further information on confidentiality will be explained to you prior your session.
We run two groups, please see below.

Community Pregnancy and Early Parenting Group

The Community Early Parenting Group runs on the first Tuesday of the month in the evening at 7pm GMT.

Spots are limited so book your place here:

Our Perinatal Hub

The Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Hub runs on the first and second Monday of the month at 10:00am GMT.

From February 2023 groups will take place MONDAY EVENINGS at 8pm-9pm

Spots are limited so book your place here:

Who is this for? If you are pregnant, have just recently given birth or have a child who is under 5 years old you can benefit from these sessions. (We primarily serve those living in the East Midlands or East of England. If you live outside of this area you are still welcome to join us). You must be from a Black, Black African, African-Caribbean or mixed Black background.

NOTE: This is a protected space for Black women due to the disparities in poor maternal and infant health outcomes.

Please see the Birthrights and FiveXmore reports for further details and information.


Specialist Lactation Support and subsidy

In most cases you can benefit from peer support from one of the breastfeeding charities. You can find a list of them here.
However, in some cases you may require more support and we recognise that some people may not be able to afford the support in a timely manner. Therefore we hope to subsidise the fees of an IBCLC.
Places are limited so please ensure you’ve sought help on the National Breastfeeding helpline or local services. You can also ask your local hospital to see their Infant feeding specialist.


Helpsheet Development

Is there a helpsheet you need? An important part of our mission is to develop culturally appropriate help sheets. We welcome your willingness to design and develop Helpsheets. An example of this might be questions to ask at specific appointments. Or it might be providing lesser known information about the way in which certain conditions present in Black or Brown people.



Each year we hold an annual webinar or web series.
Check out our webinars below. If you would like to suggest a topic or partner with us please get in touch.




Induction of Labour Series: