About US

Our Vision

We are working with girls and women from diverse backgrounds with a targeted interest in African, African- Caribbean and mixed heritage backgrounds to pursue a world where racial health inequalities no longer exist and the well-being and prosperity of girls’ and women are at the heart of health equity. Women from all backgrounds have approached our organisation with an interest to receive the support we offer and/or support the work we do. We are encouraged by this interest and know that working collaboratively we can combat the complex issues faced by women in the post-covid19 era.  
We envision Michael Marmot’s shared vision of a fairer society by improvements in women’s health and well-being; a reduction in avoidable death, and significant decrease in unnecessary birth interventions and complications through community health hubs.




We value high quality information that is evidence based to help people understand their health, care and rights. 



We believe in treating people with respect and that in doing so we build trusting meaningful relationships. This is vital in reducing inequalities.



We work collaboratively with service-users, health professionals, birth professionals and other organisations.



We are committed to providing tailored information and services to our visitors taking into consideration their ethnic, cultural, and spiritual backgrounds.



We believe that the information we provide should be practical and achievable. We aim to ensure that as much as possible- our information is tailored to the needs of women and differentiated through different resources.

“When women take care of their health, they become their best friend.”

Maya Angelou


Education and health literacy

We believe in early education of health literacy as a preventative measure to poor outcomes. Health literacy should not simply include information about healthy eating and exercise, but about human rights in the health care system, pathways and any ‘alternatives’.

Listening to women

Listening is a vital compenent in delivering personalised care. Well delivered listening services can help women work out what they need, enabling them to arrive at their own solutions. 


We believe that those who use a service should be a part of designing that service. Service-users come from all walks of life and can make extremely valuable contributions. They are experts in a number of ways including experts by experience. We aim to co-produce culturally appropriate resources to help improve health and well-being.


Working collaboratively enables us to share valuable perspectives, insight, knowledge and skills, which are vital in providing tailored resources to reduce disparities in health outcomes. 

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